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What exactly is detox and why is it so important?

In order to understand well what a detox is, it is important that you know exactly what the toxins are. Toxins are substances that have a toxic composition and can cause adverse health effects.

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Dig into oregano: The benefits of this plant are numerous, but there are times when you should not even smell it

Oregano is an incredibly powerful and strong plant, if you can take advantage of its benefits you will feel much more powerful.

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International massage camp

Hello Massage World!

Great News:

We anounce probably the best event in Massage World, for 2023.

Join us, and be at the most educational and the most fun gathering of massage Profesionals.
At one place, and one, fun, connection and sharing between Profesionals in Massage World.

Don't miss the chance to see some of the best Masters in Massage World today!
Learn from the Best...Be your best version. Can't wait to see you all there.


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