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The story about us

The story about us The first Mesmerie products were made by experts back in 2000 with basic vision to create high-quality beauty products using both top quality active ingredients and modern technology. Our team includes professionals from various fields of expertise: technologists, pharmacists, beauty and marketing experts, etc.

Many years of experience have taught us that the most important thing is to listen to people who use our products - beauty professionals and their clients, and constantly monitor the latest beauty trends. We firmly believe that beauty has a deeper meaning. We know that everyone has a unique inner beauty, which needs to be discovered and shown. We also know that beauty is not only appearance but also health, care, and nurturing. Beauty is both trust and positive energy. Beauty initiates life.

Your beauty, our inspiration

From the very beginning, when we started to create professional cosmetics, we used expertise and special attention to listen to all the needs and wishes of our clients. The passion of our infinite enthusiasm has created the unique product lines that offer a solution with visible results.

Our professional product range includes Vacuslim 48 body reshaping treatment and Mesmerie professional facial care treatments, both for beauty professionals. We are always open to working with new, enthusiastic people so you are always welcome to become a certified expert in performing our treatments or an international trainer who trains professionals to perform our treatments.


Honesty is the strongest ethical value. It is linked to honourable people, reliable people, people we can always count on.


Expertise must be earned through experience. Years of practice, knowledge development and passion for the field of work are the things that make someone an expert.


Passion is a strong word that holds a lot of emotional value. Our passion manifests through our limitless enthusiasm, our fascination and devotion.


To create something new, always better and even more useful – this is the ultimate goal of passionate people. Innovative creation, rooted in professionalism is always a road towards leadership.


Vacuslim 48 treatment for weight loss

Vacuslim 48 treatment for body shaping includes specially designed beauty products that bring amazing results. The treatment itself is painless and very pleasant. Real Vacuslim 48 products contain distinctive smells and colors and give results only when you use the entire collection following the instructions.


Mesmerie products for professional beauty treatments

Mesmerie products are innovative products intended for professional facial treatments in beauty salons. Innovative formulations provide lasting results that are visible from the very first treatment. The products contain active ingredients of the highest quality, and they are very popular, especially in the field of anti-age facial care.


Mesmerie products for home care

The Mesmerie product line for home use is a faithful friend of many ladies around the world. All products in this collection are made according to the highest standards of the cosmetics industry, and innovative product formulations provide quality care for ladies at the same level of care in beauty salons.

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