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Vacuslim 48 treatments should be administered every other day, a total of 10-12 treatments per month.
Treatments should be repeated until the person is satisfied.
Remind the person on whom you performed the Vacuslim 48 treamtent of the importance of regular skin care at home.


How can I get results faster?

The active ingredients of Vacuslim 48 cosmetic products are effective for two days, which is why it is advisable to perform the treatment every other day. Between Vacuslim 48 treatments you can perform maderotherapy or classic anti-cellulite massage to speed up lymphatic drainage. This is an ideal compound for improving the appearance of the skin with instantaneous visible effect, and after a series of 6 to 12 treatments it leads to fantastic results.

When can I expect visible results?

You can notice the first results after the first 30-minute treatment. Thanks to the vacuum, it creates an environment that allows the transfer of the active substances to the place where the fat builds up and creates the orange-peel appearance of the skin. In order to achieve the best results in improving the appearance of the skin, a series of 6-12 treatments should be done or until the desired result is achieved.

Are there any restrictions on Vacuslim 48 treatments?

If you have any concerns or health problems, consult your doctor. Vacuslim 48 is a method that, thanks to its active ingredients, enhances the body's natural processes and thus improves the appearance of the skin.

How do I maintain results I have achieved?

To maintain the achieved results, after the performed series of treatment and achieved desired circumference you need to continue the maintenance treatments that can be performed three to six times a month, depending on your metabolic rate and eating habits.

Also, to maintain optimal results use Vacuslim 48 Serum 1 roll on and cream 2 for home use. It is advisable to use serum and cream also after performed series of treatments.

Can I undergo Vacuslim 48 treatment during the menstrual cycle?

During treatment, there may be an increase in blood flow, which can lead to increased and prolonged bleeding during the cycle, so it is our advice not to undergo treatments during the monthly cycle.

Can I go for Vacuslim 48 treatment if I have varicose veins and enlarged capillaries?

If you have varicose veins and enlarged capillaries, it is important that the therapist adheres to work protocol and does not apply Vacuslim 48 Serum 1 warm serum to these areas, but to apply only Vacuslim 48 Cream 2 cold cream. Warm Serum 1 in this case refers to other areas with fatty deposits where you do not have enlarged veins and capillaries. If you have any doubts, consult your doctor.

Can I go for treatment after childbirth and during breastfeeding?

If the birth was normal, it would take 3 months before Vacuslim 48 treatment could be performed. After a caesarean section, it will take 6 months. It is always best to consult a gynecologist before starting treatment. While breast-feeding your baby, you should not go to Vacuslim 48 treatments as the active ingredients from the bloodstream can pass into the milk and thus reach the baby.

What symptoms can occur during and after treatment?

During the treatment you will feel alternate pleasant feelings of warmth and cooling. Because it is a Smart warming technology, heat is generated on the body surface, but without the irritation effect. The skin remains cool to the touch during the treatment. The feeling of warmth can be stronger or weaker, depending on the person. The feeling of warmth is intensified in places with more accumulated fat and cellulite.

What results can I expect if I am smaller or bigger person?

Each body functions according to its metabolism and eating habits. If you are smaller and without a lot of fat, you will notice results more slowly, unlike larger individuals with more fat who will notice results very quickly. You will see a decrease during the course of treatment, which is why we recommend a series of 6 or more treatments to get the result you want.

What happens when I finish a series of treatments, will I recover lost fatty deposits?

As with the diet, changes in eating habits, including physical activity, are required to maintain the results achieved. If you change your eating habits and regularly go for maintenance treatments with your therapist while using Vacuslim 48 serum 1 roll on and home care cream 2, you will definitely retain the achieved results longer.

Why do I run out of the Vacuslim serum 1 before Vacuslim cream 2?

Care should be taken to ensure that serum and cream consumption are equal and as instructed, 10-20ml per treatment. Keep in mind the work protocol where it says that serum is applied from the knee to the upper abdomen, and cream 2 from the ankles to the upper abdomen. Also, if the client has extremely dry skin, the serum is absorbed faster and should not be added again. It is recommended that you first treat one region with the help of serum and cream and then move to another part of the body. During the treatment, you can create zones on the body according to the localization of fat and cellulite, thus you can evenly apply both Vacuaslim 48 products.

Is Vacuslim 48 massage oil mandatory at the end of treatment?

Vacuslim 48 Oil is a professional grade oil designed to keep the active ingredients under the skin. The required massage is short, lasting 5 minutes.

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