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Vacuslim 48 is a very popular treatment and it replaces almost all expensive treatments, and the expected result is fast and reliable. The results of the treatment come without the yo-yo effect, but only if you adhere to the advice and protocol given by your beauty expert.

I will point out right away that Vacuslim 48 is a professional treatment designed for professionals (physiotherapists, cosmeticians and masseurs), so be careful who you visit for the treatment.

Vacuslim 48 method drives natural processes in the body, thanks to a vacuum bag that allows the transfer and deep penetration of the active ingredients to where fat deposits and cellulite exist. It is this combination of vacuum and the active ingredients that can improve the appearance of the skin and reduce the circumference of treated areas of the body.

If you do not see the results immediately, do not panic - someone's body transformation process is incredibly easy and fast, and someone's body needs an extra lymphatic duct to allow toxins and excess fluid with broken fat to escape from the body. The speed of body reshaping depends most on the body structure and the existing fat deposits in the body - larger people will sooner notice the results than people with a smaller body.

When you go for Vacuslim 48 treatments, a beauty expert will write down your measures (circumferences) to analyze your condition. Based on these measures, the expert knows exactly what parts of the body he or she should pay attention to and how to help you eliminate excess fat and cellulite that is locally accumulated.

The results you will notice during the first series of treatments range from 5, 10, 20 and even up to 30 cm in circumference, depending on the client's body structure. The results usually range from 10-20 cm.

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Many wonder how fast results can be achieved and whether the process is healthy, which is why I always emphasize that Vacuslim 48 treatments are harmless to health, and cosmetics from this line do not cause skin irritation.

So how do you get fast results?

Fast results are achieved thanks to the combination of vacuum and the active ingredients from Vacuslim 48 preparations. The vacuum bag enables the creation of an environment in which a deeper and faster transfer of the active ingredients is achieved to the place where the fat deposits and cellulite are located. The key is in the next-generation active ingredients that induce the reduction of the surface fat and repair the orange-peel appearance of the skin.

Vacuslim 48 treatments can be combined with other weight loss treatments, but not the same day, but the next day because the active components of the Vacuslim 48 range have effect for two days, which is why Vacuslim 48 treatment is applied every other day.

During the treatment a pleasant feelings of heat and cooling alternatively occur. Because it is a Smart warming technology, heat is generated on the body surface, but without the irritation effect. The skin remains cool to the touch during the treatment. The feeling of heat can be stronger or weaker, depending on the person. The feeling of heat is intensified in places that have more accumulated fat and cellulite.

In order to achieve the best results in improving the appearance of the skin, it is necessary to perform a series of 6-12 treatments or until the desired result is achieved.

During the course of Vacuslim 48 treatment diet should be taken care of. It is individual whether you will stick to one of your diets or just eat healthier. In any case, alcohol and sweets as well as carbonated beverages should be eliminated.




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Word of an expert

Vacuslim 48 is a very popular treatment and it replaces almost all expensive treatments, and the expected result is fast and reliable.

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