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How to lose weight without a diet? How do I eliminate cellulite without exercising? How can my skin be more beautiful and soft? There are many questions about beauty, and all of them have only one answer - Vacuslim 48.
Vacuslim 48 is an innovative line of body enhancement products designed for weight loss treatments in a beauty salon.
Thanks to the new Vacuslim 48 method, which uses vacuum packaging, deep and fast penetration of active ingredients from preparations that stimulate the body's natural functions is achieved.

Vacuslim 48 method can be quickly and readily applied and always when it is necessary to improve the appearance of the body.

Vacuslim 48 is ideal for salons that offer weight loss treatments.

Vacuslim 48 method can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can be used as a supplemental treatment to achieve faster and better results in anti-cellulite and weight loss treatments with cosmetic devices for mesoporation, cavitation, radio waves, electrostimulation, madero therapy and manual anti-cellulite massages. Due to the deep effect of the active ingredients from Vacuslim 48 preparation, it is recommended that you use slimming devices that eliminate excess fluid from the body one day before or one day after Vacuslim 48 treatment.

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Vacuslim 48 preparations contain next-generation active ingredients that, in combination with vacuum, accelerate the following processes:


Reduce the surface accumulation of lipids


Improve the appearance of the skin affected by cellulite


Make the skin firmer and tighter and improve skin tone


Smart warming - the active substance enables surface heating of the skin without irritation, allowing deep penetration of the active components


Natural extracts make it possible to eliminate excess fluid and reduce swelling


Vacuum bag creates an environment that enables transfer and deep penetration of the active ingredients to places of fatty deposits and cellulite


The combination of vacuum and active ingredients allows the reduction of the volume of treated areas


Vacuum enables long-lasting action of the active ingredients


Vacuum bag creates a sauna-like environment and a pressotherapy effect


Vacuum allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply within 30 minutes and initiate metabolic processes


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SymFit - a revolutionary ingredient in anti-cellulite programs

Reduces fat cell formation and multiplication (adipogenesis)
Reduces and prevents fatty tissue growth (lipogenesis)
Improves fat burning and cleansing of the body
Reduces visible signs of cellulite

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Wild chestnut extract

Escin, which is a major ingredient in wild chestnut, relieves the symptoms of tired and tense legs and reduces swelling. Wild chestnut escin is a natural ingredient that eliminates excess fluid.

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Accelerates the burning of fatty acids, promotes the transport of fat to the mitochondria where fat is converted into energy.

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Ivy Extract (Hedera Helix)

Contains substances that effectively fight cellulite and mitigate the orange-peel appearance of the skin.

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Strengthens the skin and improves the orange-peel appearance of the skin.

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Algae extract

Intensively hydrates and refreshes the skin.

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Thermolate - Smart warming effect

It speeds up cell metabolism and causes a pleasant feeling of warmth on the body. This feeling of warmth can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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Essential oils complex

Serums used for body care during the Vacuslim 48 method contain a complex of essential oils of lemon, orange and rosemary, while creams contain a complex of essential oils of mint, lavender and lemon. The complex of these essential oils refreshes and relaxes the skin, contributing to its better appearance.

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