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Vacuslim 48 Start Up set Professional 

For 30 treatments

Set for professional use in beauty salons and spas, it is intended for weight loss treatments to improve the appearance and care of the body skin prone to cellulite. It is ideal for parts of the body that are prone to build up of fat and cellulite (belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, lower legs, forearms).

The Vacuslim 48 Start Up set is the initial set which provides the user with necessary protocols (instructions) and materials to work with in the salon. The set is accompanied by the training as well as support in applying the Vacuslim 48 method.

Contents of the set: Vacuslim 48 Thermo Slimming Serum 1, VS-01 500ml 1 piece, Vacuslim 48 Slimming & Firming Cream 2 VS-02 500ml 1 piece, Vacuslim 48 AntiCellulite & Firming Massage Oil VS-03 500ml 1 piece, Vacuslim 48 Thermo Slimming Serum 1 Roll on VSH-01 50ml 3 pieces, Vacuslim 48 Slimming Firming Cream 2 VSH-02 200ml 3 pieces, Vacuslim 48 BODY BAG -10 pieces in package, VS-10 3 packs, accessories for start up set (elastic band, meter, 30 ties) PVS48-01.

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