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How to lose weight without a diet? How do I eliminate cellulite without exercising? How can my skin be more beautiful and soft? There are many questions about beauty, and all of them have one answer only - Vacuslim 48.

Thanks to the new Vacuslim 48 method, which uses vacuum packaging, deep and fast penetration of active ingredients from preparations that stimulate the body's natural functions are achieved.

Vacuslim 48 professional slimming & anti-cellulite treatment

  • Unique formula for FAST & VISIBLE RESULTS
  • Innovative method combine Vacuslim 48 strong products & Vacuslim 48 vacuum bag
  • All you need for incredible results and satisfaid client

Benefits & Advantages of Vacuslim 48 treatment

The intensive action of the active ingredients in Vacuslim 48 serum and cream in combination with Vacuslim 48 bag leads to:

  • Immediately visible results after the very first treatment
  • Visible reduction of cellulite
  • Non-invasive body reshaping
  • Skin tightening
  • Soft and elastic satin-like skin with less visible stretch marks
  • Loss in the circumference of 8 to 19 cm (collectively on average of the measured regions) after the first treatment

*Tested on 25 volunteers after the first treatment

The results obtained after the study on clients are a direct consequence of the action of new generation active ingredients with a focus on fat cells and cellulite and the application of the method using Vacuslim 48 specially designed bag.

99% Satisfaction with Vacuslim 48 treatment 94% Satisfaction with the achieved result 92% Satisfaction with the expected result 99% Recommendation for Vacuslim 48 treatment 97% Motivation for further weight loss 84% Satisfaction with the effect of body reshaping 82% Satisfaction with the skin tightening effect 91% Satisfaction with the effect of visible cellulite reduction 98% Feeling light after treatment

*Tested on 25 volunteers after 10 Vacuslim 48 treatments

Vacuslim 48 treatment is:

Relaxing and painless vacuum treatment, with a pleasant sensation of dull-cold which increases thermogenesis and thus mild calorie consumption

Vacuum effect - enables deeper and even insertion of active ingredients to achieve fast and long-lasting results

Does not affect your daily activities (jogging, sunbathing, swimming)

Multiple consecutive series of treatments without side effects are possible until the desired result is achieved

Extended effect for up to 48 hours thanks to the unique vacuum environment with the help of the Vacuslim 48 bag

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Why does Vacuslim 48 treatment give such good results?

The innovative Vacuslim 48 professional treatment is a new concept designed to help the faster and long-term action of the active ingredients. Vacuslim 48 bag creates pleasant environment allowing the intensive intake of active ingredients.

The combination of active ingredients from Vacuslim 48 serum and cream accelerates fat burning and helps to slow down the storage of new fat deposits. At the same time, it helps reduce cellulite and improve body skin elasticity. Vacuslim 48 massage oil is created so that at the end of the treatment it allows the therapist to move the lymph more easily and free the body from accumulated fluids.

The revolutionary active ingredient for cellulite reduction in Vacuslim 48 cream helps long-term prevention and re-formation of cellulite achieving Anti ‘Yo-Yo Effect’.

After only a couple of treatments, people with fibrous - hard cellulite achieve its transition to watery - soft cellulite, which breaks down easily, resulting in dramatic enhancement of the skin appearance.

The results obtained after the study on clients present direct consequence of the effect of the active new generation ingredients with a focus on fat cells and cellulite and application methods using Vacuslim 48 specially designed bags.

The science behind Vacuslim 48

Vacuslim 48 products contain a range of active ingredients in specially designed formulations that target fat deposits and cellulite.

Active ingredients that have been used to break down fat deposits and cellulite have clinical studies of active action.

Our products do not contain parabens, mineral oils, or aggressive substances causing body heating.

Our products have not been tested on animals


Vacuslim48 ingridients image

SymFit 3-in-1 anti-cellulite active ingredient

Potent slimming actives which directly attack the source of cellulite, acting on the deep adipose tissue - Long term prevention: Anti “Yo-Yo Effect” - Significantly diminishes the appearance of cellulite for noticeably smoother, more toned skin

Vacuslim48 ingridients image

Wild chestnut extract

Escin, which is a major ingredient in wild chestnut, relieves the symptoms of tired and tense legs and reduces swelling. Wild chestnut escin is a natural ingredient that eliminates excess fluid.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image


Accelerates the burning of fatty acids, promotes the transport of fat to the mitochondria where fat is converted into energy.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image

Ivy Extract (Hedera Helix)

Contains substances that effectively fight cellulite and mitigate the orange-peel appearance of the skin.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image


Strengthens the skin and improves the orange-peel appearance of the skin.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image

Algae extract

Intensively hydrates and refreshes the skin.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image

Thermolate - Smart warming effect

It speeds up cell metabolism and causes a pleasant feeling of warmth in the body. This feeling of warmth can last between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Vacuslim48 ingridients image

Essential oils complex

Serums used for body care during the Vacuslim 48 method contain a complex of essential oils of lemon, orange, and rosemary, while creams contain a complex of essential oils of mint, lavender, and lemon. The complex of these essential oils refreshes and relaxes the skin, leading to better appearance.

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