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reshape your body, reshape your life

Vacuslim 4 You is an innovative method for:

  • Body remodeling in your own home
  • Reduction of body circumference in body parts where fat and cellulite accumulate
  • Stimulating the natural body functions
  • Reduction of cellulite associated with the retention of excess water in tissues

How to use Vacuslim 4 you?

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What is Vacuslim 4 You treatment?

The treatment is intendent for body remodeling in your own home and is suitable for all skin types affected by fat deposits and cellulite, but do not use it if you have eczema, hyper sensitive skin, or immediately after waxing. You can use the treatment throughout the entire year. Avoid eye contact and keep products out of the reach of children. Wash your hands after treatment.

During the treatment, you may experience enhanced heating, slight itching and burning of the skin, which is due to the increased warming of the skin surface and the adhesion of the vacuum pants. You can alleviate this feeling by gently pressing your fingers in those places.

For the best results end perfect body shape, VACUSLIM 4 YOU treatment should be used every other day during one month.


Specially designed pants that helps fast creation of vacuum environment. The vacuum environment enables the transfer and deep penetration of the active ingredients under the skin, where the fat deposits and cellulite are located.

Use: After applying the serum and cream, dress up the Vacuslim 4 You pants. Close the upper part with the elastic band over the navel and use the vacuum cleaner to draw the air out to create a vacuum in the middle.

Wear these pants for 30 to 45 minutes. After that, take off your pants. The pants are made for multiple use. Wash them by hand and dry them before using them again.

VACUSLIM 4 YOU SCRUB – Firming effect

Body scrub based on sea salt, coconut and essential oils removes extinct cells from the skin surface, allowing deeper and faster penetration of active ingredients from Vacuslim 4 You scrub. Body scrub tightening, exfoliate and restores energy and elasticity to the skin tissue.

Use: Apply the scrub in a circular motion, 1 to 2 times a week before showering on moisturized skin. After a short massage, rinse with water. After exfoliation, you can apply other Vacuslim 4 You products.

Ingredients: Sea salt - ejects excess fluid and solidifies the figure; coconut oil; essential oils of grapefruit, oranges, lemons, mint and rosemary.

VACUSLIM 4 YOU SERUM 1 – Smart Warming effect

Serum with active ingredients that successfully fights against localized fat deposits, cellulite and swelling. Thanks to the active ingredient with Smart Warming effect, it provides a pleasant surface warming of the skin without irritation, which leads to deep penetration of other active ingredients from the product to the place where accumulated fat deposits and cellulite are. The serum warms the skin comfortably for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Use: Apply the Serum to the skin, from the stomach to the knee. Due to sensitivity, it is recommended to use gloves. If you have varicose veins and capillaries, apply the serum only to critical areas affected by fat and cellulite, but not to veins and capillaries.

Ingredients: Thermolate - stimulates penetration of active ingredients, stimulates surface warming of the skin; caffeine - lipolytic action; seaweed Chlorella Vulgaris - hydrates, nourishes and improves skin elasticity; ivy and wild chestnut extracts - the effect of drainage and reducing the appearance of orange peel on the skin; panthenol - soothes and regenerates the skin; lemon, orange and rosemary essential oils.

VACUSLIM 4 YOU CREAM 2 – CrySlim effect

Multiple effect cream for the parts of the body where fat and cellulite precipitate the most. Liposculpture-inspired SymFit is a powerful active ingredient that successfully combats the accumulation of fat on the surface of the skin, reduce the formation and multiplication of fat cells. Thanks to the essential complex and cooling effect, the body natural functions activity is stimulated and the areas affected by fat and cellulite are reshaped.

Use: After applying the serum, apply the cream from the stomach to the wrist.

Ingredients: SymFit - a revolutionary active ingredient for reducing fat; L-carnitine; caffeine - lipolytic action; Thermolate - stimulates penetration of active ingredients, stimulates surface warming of the skin; menthol - the cooling effect promotes the body's natural activity; seaweed - Chlorella Vulgaris - hydrates, nourishes and improves skin elasticity; ivy and wild chestnut extracts - the effect of drainage and reduction of the appearance of orange peel on the skin; lemon, mint and lavender essential oils.

*For the best results, during Vacuslim 4 You tretment, one of the following massages is required: Vacuslim Inarie massage, drainage massage or maderotherapy – once per week.
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