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Every good beauty product contains it: Why is Vitamin E very important for the skin?

You probably already use Vitamin E oil in a cosmetic product that you regularly use, but you may not know that this oil has many good effects on the skin - it slows down aging, protects against pollution, soothes dark spots...


Vitamin E is naturally found in avocado, olive oil, sweet potatoes, but also our body produces it. If you are wondering if your favorite skin care product is good, just make sure it has Vitamin E.


How does Vitamin E work?

This vitamin is an antioxidant, which means that it fights free radicals in the body caused by exposure to UV rays and pollution. Free radicals lead to cell mutation, which is why fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots appear. Vitamin E oil can help alleviate the dark spots and scars, reduce inflammation, moisturize the skin and provide a protection that serves as a barrier.


The highly concentrated variant of this oil is too heavy to apply daily to the skin, instead, choose products in which the vitamin E oil is diluted (creams, tonics and similar products).

vitamin E

Because Vitamin E is usually in the form of oil, it is not suitable for combining with water based products. Before applying Vitamin E oil, dry your skin well so that it can absorb it.


Vitamin E oil blends well with Vitamin C, making it even more effective, because by combining these two oils, Vitamin E stabilizes and accelerates its natural production in the skin. Vitamin C acts on the surface layer of the skin, and vitamin E penetrates the deeper layers.


Can Vitamin E be used by everyone?

This oil is good for most skin types, but people prone to pimples and acne should avoid it. This oil can promote acne, irritate sensitive skin, and cause dandruff and itching.


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