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What exactly is detox and why is it so important?

In order to understand well what a detox is, it is important that you know exactly what the toxins are. Toxins are substances that have a toxic composition and can cause adverse health effects. The term toxins refers to all toxic chemicals that disrupt the body's balance: metals, contaminants, artificial additives in food, and certain pesticides.

Every person on the planet is in daily contact with toxins (found in water, food, air), and no one can completely avoid contact with them. As toxins are found all around us, including the air we breathe, it is extremely important that we regularly eliminate toxins from the body. That elimination of toxins is called detoxification.

 If you are constantly tired, lacking energy and too sleepy, then you definitely need a detox in the form of food, teas or other healthy methods.

The natural detoxification of the body involves the intake of healthy foods in a healthy, moderate manner. This means that in order to reduce the level of toxins in your body, you must eliminate fast food from the menu, foods full of carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, pasta made of white flour, as well as all foods containing artificial additives. In addition, you should not consume coffee or tobacco. What is considered a natural detox involves:

1. Choosing the right diet

The first step to detoxifying the body begins with the choice of food, first of all, choose organic fruits and vegetables, and discard artificial substances and additives from use.

2. Exercising and meditation

Why is exercising always recommended is because it speeds up the sweating process in which toxins are released through the sweat from the body. On the other hand, meditation is focused on stress reduction and mental balance. Through meditation, you reduce the stress that is the main cause of toxins in your body.


3. Diets

There are different diets and nutrition programs that are focused on one goal only - detoxifying the body. Their only drawback is that you must consult with an expert before every diet change because each organism reacts differently to foods and nutrients. Therefore, you should never seek a detox diet yourself, but should visit a nutritionist or seek the advice of a beauty salon specialist.

4. Clean air

If you cannot already control the air pollution you breathe outside, you can control the air you breathe in your home. Cigarette smoke, bacteria, bacilli, pet hair can significantly affect air quality. Ventilate the premises on a regular basis, and in the modern world of technology, you can easily obtain the right air purifier. Regular stay in the nature is also recommended.

5. Water, water and water only

The body needs fuel to be able to run, and only water can help. Drink as much fresh water as possible while avoiding coffee, juices, sports and carbonated drinks.


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